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A & E Construction Supply and Wolfe Heavy Equipment have a strong partnership focused on providing contractors with machines that will increase production and efficiency.

The new Wolfe 540 Super Plow is an example of a machine that has been well accepted in the field. This machine features a 540 Cat engine with 160,000 lb final drives. It plows 240 ft/min in low speed and roads at a speed of over 4 mph. Contractors have noticed a substantial increase in daily production with its speed and pulling ability. The long tooth plows over 7 ft deep.

Standard boots come in 6, 8, and 12 inches. We also offer 15 and 18 inch dual wall boots. Contractors have taken advantage of how this has revolutionized installing 15-18 inch dual wall pipe. The Super Plow comes with a standard 18 ft track length or an optional 20 ft track length.

The cab is heated and air conditioned with air ride. Incorporated in the machine control is the Plus 1 System which gives you all hydraulic and engine functions. Both the engine radiator and hydraulic cooler have automatic reversing fans to blow out trash.

The Wolfe 540 Parallel Link Super Plow can be equipped with a GPS system which controls depth and tooth attitude to hold very tight grade tolerances. The GPS attitude control allows contractors to plow through unstable soils and carry the tooth on grade.

Additional Wolfe 540 Super Plow features include: on-board tile stringer, blinder for connections, disk blinders for filling ditches, hydraulic power feeder lift, 8 inch power feeder, on-board tile cutter/crusher and a boot lift for making connections. Wolfe Heavy Equipment also offers a Wolfe 540 Super Plow in a Cantilever style.

A & E Construction Supply co-manufactures with Wolfe Heavy Equipment the Wolfe Man Wheel Trenchers. These machines will cut a 24"-46" wide trench and dig 7-8 feet deep. This will allow contractors to install large diameter concrete and also large diameter dual wall pipe. We also offer options for complete machine side-tilt and long tracks. This certainly opens new markets for drainage contractors.

A & E Construction Supply also distributes Eager Beaver trailers to assist customers with their machine hauling needs.

To talk with Andy or Bob Manske about Wolfe Plows or Wolfe Man Trenchers, please call 800-736-3413.