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Unveiling of the New Wolfe 540 Super Plow

During the last few weeks, we have taken our customers' feedback to make our machines better. Ed Veeke (owner of Wolfe Heavy Equipment) and I spent time in Wisconsin with the Kartechner Brothers. They are the new owners of the sharp white and black Wolfe 540 Super Plow. Their plow has a tile cutter/crusher, an on-board reel carrier, and hydraulic step. As we spent time with the Kartechner Brothers and with the feedback we received from working in the field, we are now implementing some changes to make the Wolfe Plow even better. 

After spending time in Wisconsin, Ed and I headed to Melbourne, IA for the IA LICA Field Day. This was a wonderful opportunity to unveil our new Wolfe 540 Super Plow. For 2 days we had customers and prospective customers examining and talking about the new machine. We had fantastic feedback on the new look and features, especially the cab. Thank you to the LICA for hosting a great even and the chance to shop contractors and farmers the new Wolfe 540 Super Plow.