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Unveiling of the New Wolfe 540 Super Plow

During the last few weeks, we have taken our customers' feedback to make our machines better. Ed Veeke (owner of Wolfe Heavy Equipment) and I spent time in Wisconsin with the Kartechner Brothers. They are the new owners of the sharp white and black Wolfe 540 Super Plow. Their...Read more

IA LICA Field Day

A & E Construction Supply will be heading to the IA LICA (Land Improvement Contractors of America) Field Day on July 31st and August 1st. We are excited to show off the new Wolfe 540 Super Plow. We will have the first prototype Wolfe Heavy Equipment has recently completed. We are excited to...Read more


A & E Construction Supply and Wolfe Heavy Equipment have a strong partnership focused on providing contractors with machines that will increase production and efficiency.

The new Wolfe 540 Super Plow is an example of a machine that has been well accepted in the field. This machine...Read more